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Summary of Martin Eriksson's Activities


My area of expertise is photoluminescence spectroscopy of III-Nitride quantum dots (QDs), with a focus on the study of the optical properties of InGaN/GaN QDs grown on wurtzite GaN pyramids. I also devote some of my research to the study of the optical properties of ZnO structures. In order to enable the study of single QDs, I focus the excitation source (UV laser) to a spot with a diameter of about 2 µm on a single pyramid (a few µm between adjacent pyramids). In order to observe QD exciton emission, we cool the samples down to about 4 K using liquid Helium. The samples are studied while varying parameters such as sample temperature and excitation intensity and energy. The polarization of the emitted light gives further information of the samples under investigation. A very important technique for my current research is time resolved micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy, in which the sample is excited by a 75 MHz pulsed UV laser to yield time dependent photoluminescence data from which exciton lifetimes can be extracted. Further information about the pyramid structures are obtained by optical microscopy and SEM. Employing cathodoluminescence spectroscopy (both at room temperature and He temperature), I can study the spatial origin of the luminescence at the same time as obtaining luminescence spectra, which improves our understanding of the optical and structural properties of the samples.

I also collaborate with many researchers at IFM and at universities and institutes internationally, with a focus mainly on the optical properties of III-Nitride semiconductors and ZnO.

Publications & Conference Contributions


Currently no teaching.

Previous teaching:

  • BFL122/BFL11 Physics for Foundation Year (Fysik B2, basåret) (12 ECTS), teaching assistant and lab assistant
  • ​BFL103 Physics for Foundation Year (Fysik basåret), lab assistant
  • TDDC10 Perspective on computer science and technology (Perspecktiv på datateknik/datavetenskap), supervisor
  • TFYY51 Engineering Project (Injengörsprojekt) (6 ECTS), supervisor
  • TFYA46 Engineering Project (Injengörsprojekt) (6 ECTS), supervisor
  • TFYY47 Semiconductor Physics (6 ECTS), lab assistant
  • ​TFYY54 Nanophysics, lab assistant
  • NFYA03 Mechanics Basic Course (Mekanik grundkurs), lab assistant
  • ​9FYA51/93FY51/TFYA55 Mechanics Advanced Course (Mekanik fördjupningskurs), ​lab assistant
  • ​TFMT14 Measurement Technology, ​lab assistant
Martin Eriksson


E-mail: marer@ifm.liu.se
Phone: +46 (0)13 28 56 72

Room G322 (Physics Building)

Semiconductor Materials, IFM
Linköping University
Linköping, Sweden




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