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Welcome to Applied Sensor Science!

The Research Unit Applied Sensor Science has 20+ years of experience on development of chemical gas sensors for environmental monitoring and air quality control for indoor/outdoor applications.



Welcome, Francesca!

1 September 2017

Our warmest Congratulations and most Welcome to Maria Francesca Santangelo, Ph.D. from University of Palermo and CNR-IMM in Catania, Italy, who is starting her post-doc adventure as principal research engineer at Linköping University! Francesca will work with graphene and related materials for liquid-phase applications with Jens Eriksson, Applied Sensor Science, and in collaboration with Daniel Filippini, Optical Device Laboratory.

Organization of Mini Symposium

17 August 2017

Applied Sensor Science organizes a Mini Symposium Sweden-Japan on "Rare earth materials, Biominerals from the ocean, Graphene sensors, SiC-FET sensors"

Place: Jordan-Fermi (J403)

Time: 14:00

Speakers: Prof. Miki HASEGAWA, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan; Mr Shuhei OGATA, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan; Dr Jens ERIKSSON, Applied Sensor Science; Dr Donatella PUGLISI, Applied Sensor Science; Anita LLOYD SPETZ, Applied Sensor Science.

Organizers: Prof. Anita LLOYD SPETZ, Dr Yuki HASEGAWA, Dr Donatella PUGLISI

ApplSens lands up on Twitter

16 August 2017

Successful presentation at the Advances in Functional Materials Conference 2017 on "Nanoparticle decorated Graphene and other 2D metals for air quality control gas sensors". Twitter post.

Place: University of California (UCLA), Los Angeles

Time: 14-17 August 2017

Speaker: Marius Rodner, PhD student at Applied Sensor Science (ApplSens)

SAS Launch Party

16 February 2017

Since January 2017, Applied Sensor Science has become a research unit within the newborn research division Sensor and Actuator Systems (SAS), headed by Prof. Daniel Filippini.

Dr Jens Eriksson is the new Head of Applied Sensor Science. Grattis, Jens!

On Thursday 16 February 2017, the five research units of SAS together with the Head of Department, Prof. Ulf Karlsson, had their kick-off party. We met together at 16:00 in Schrödinger for five short (15min each) introductions of our research units and then we moved to the Pub (Bragg) to celebrate our new division.


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